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Your Right To Choose

If you have unfortunate enough to have an accident and your vehicle requires repair, in the first instance you should consult your insurance company. Your insurance company may often advise that you use their network of repairer companies. No matter how persuasive your insurance company may be, it is your right to choose where you wish your vehicle to be repaired and you are not obligated to use a repair outlet that your insurance company may suggest or insist upon.


Courtesy Vehicle

Our advice is to choose a repair centre that you are familiar with and can trust. This will provide a more convenient and assured service, as you will be able to speak directly with the people entrusted to carry out your repairs. Insurance companies often prefer to use their own network of service providers due to the reduced cost they have negotiated. This may be the least expensive option for the insurer, but not necessarily the best option for the customer.

As a persuasive measure your insurance company may list a number of benefits that their own referral may offer, such as courtesy cars and manufacturer approved parts. At Trenhams these aspects form part of our service plan, we will provide you with a courtesy car for the duration of the repair, where possible we only use manufacturer approved parts and are backed up with the prestigious manufacturer approved repair status.

We believe that all vehicles should be repaired with genuine parts, and to recommended standards. Some insurers will want their repair centres to use aftermarket parts in order to keep costs down.  Although these parts have their place, mainly only on older vehicles, we will discuss this scenario and only install with the owners permission.

After An Accident

After an accident you should ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and still safe to drive. For example checking that the lights still function correctly, there is no leaking fluids or the bodywork is not dangerous and liable to cause injury to yourself and other road users. If your vehicle is not roadworthy we are able to offer a vehicle recovery service to ensure your vehicle reaches our repair centre safely.

Low Loader

Private & Companies

We cater for both individual private repair claims and business-to-business provision for company fleets.  Individual repairs may be through an insurance claim or may be small enough to not require an insurance claim. We can advise on the best alternative to suit your needs. Each business may have differing requirements for their fleet cars, we can provide a bespoke scheme for a business to cater for their fleet repair services.

Whether you require repair of a small paintwork scrape, repair of a bumper corner, full repaint, repair to a heavily damaged and immobile vehicle or third-party damage we can advise and provide the most suitable solution for these eventualities.

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