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We provide a professional car valet service for customers that ensures a vehicle attains the most presentable condition possible. Although our core specialism is accident repair, a full valet is part of the service to achieve an ’as new’ presentable condition throughout.

Wheel Alignment

As part of the full repair service wheel alignment is provided as standard. Additionally we can also offer wheel alignment as a standalone service to customers. Our methods employ the latest infra-red alignment technology utilising the British made Supertracker STR120B Wheel Aligner, a system that specifically adjusts to pre-programmed settings for individual car makes and models.

Parking Sensors

We provide an after-market parking sensors service for all makes of vehicle. Parking sensors provide an invaluable technology that minimises the potential of accidental damage when parking or manoeuvring with limited visibility. Additionally due to the location and positioning of parking sensors, they can be damaged beyond repair in an accident and would therefore be included as part of a full repair service. Whether parking sensors are an after-market addition or part of the full repair service we employ Xvision sensors due to their build quality and reliable performance.

Alloy Refurbishment

Alloy wheels provide many benefits for modern cars with their low weight to strength ratio providing increased performance for acceleration, fuel consumption, steering response, increased brake clearance in addition to a pleasing aesthetic. The disadvantage to alloy wheels is that their appearance can be easily degraded as they often damaged through kerb abrasion affecting the aesthetic appeal and subsequent value of their investment.
We can refurbish painted wheels on site to provide to an ‘as new’ condition. We can also arrange for laser cut wheels to be refurbished, although this service requires specialist equipment and would need to be temporarily sent off site.

Air Conditioning

Most modern cars have air conditioning systems installed and are usually very reliable and offer little problem if used regularly. Infrequent use however can result in the seals drying out and leading to loss of refrigerants when used. We can provide a full refurbishment service of air conditioning systems to ensure a return to the original efficiency and performance expected.

Additional Repairs

Prior to your accident your vehicle may have sustained minor unrelated damage, which you have never got round to having being repaired. Additional repairs can be carried out at an otherwise reduced cost in addition to the repair work covered in your insurance claim. Ask us for a quote when your vehicle is with us, you may be surprised how considerable the saving may be.

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